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e-dossier: the Jura question and international politics

Poster for the vote of 24 September 1978 on the creation of the Canton of Jura, designed by the Swiss political action committee for the inclusion of the Canton of Jura in the Confederation (Swiss National Library).

«Nous nous ridiculisons aux yeux des pays étrangers, qui ont de plus en plus l’impression que la Suisse ne peut pas faire face à ses problèmes de minorités», se plaint le chef du Département militaire Paul Chaudet lors de la séance du Conseil fédéral du 17 mars 1964 (dodis.ch/31968). La question jurassienne occupe à l’époque de plus en plus la politique fédérale.

L’«affera Conradi»: L’assassin grischun e la revoluziun

RTR Cuntrasts: 1923 sajetta Moritz Conradi a Losanna in diplomat sovietic d’aut rang. Il Russ-Svizzer cun ragischs grischunas vesa sa sez sco il nov Gugliem Tell che vul deliberar la carstgaunadad dal communissem.

Avant 40 onns ha el purschì materia per in film da kino russ «emplenì cun clischés sovietics» (dodis.ch/49291). L’onn 1977 s’interessavan era cineasts en Svizra per «il tema anc adina pulit brisant» (dodis.ch/49292): I sa tracta da l’assassinat dal diplomat sovietic Wazlaw Worowski tras Moritz Conradi, in Svizzer en Russia, l’onn 1923 a Losanna. In mazzament cun consequenzas extendidas.

e-dossier: the «Conradi Affair»

Picture form the Daily Herald, November 17th, 1923. Headlines: «Acquittal of Conradi», «Amazing Verdict of Swiss Jury», «Natural Sequel to one-sided Trial», from: E4320A#1000/849#68*

It was a murderer’s confession: «Perhaps, only posterity will understand and will thank me for being the first to openly fight these evildoers», Maurice Conradi went on record with the Lausanne police. On 10 May 1923, Conradi, a Swiss citizen living in Russia, had shot Soviet diplomat Vatslav Vorovsky in the hotel Cécil, in front of witnesses.

e-dossier: The Washington Agreement of 1946

Chief Delegate Minister Walter Stucki shortly before his departure to Washington. Schweizerische Filmwochenschau, 22 March 1946, cf. dodis.ch/dds/1169.

In spring 1946, a high-ranking Swiss delegation visited Washington to negotiate the release of frozen Swiss assets in the USA as well as the end of the allied boycott of companies that, during WWII, had traded with the Axis Powers. In turn, the USA, Great Britain, and France demanded that Swiss banks hand over German assets. The Washington Agreement (dodis.ch/1725), finalised 70 years ago, on 25 May 1946, after difficult negotiations, represents a milestone in Swiss foreign policy.