Saggi di Dodis

About the Review

The Saggi di Dodis are an open-access journal published by the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (Dodis) research centre. The journal offers the opportunity to publish on any subject matter that is of interest to the Dodis research centre. In particular, it hosts contributions on the history of Switzerland’s international relations, on methodological questions relating to source edition and to source criticism, as well as on the digital humanities. The journal’s goal is to connect the Dodis database with the findings of current research. The digital format allows articles to contain links to documents, persons, and other resources. The Saggi di Dodis expand the possibilities of publishing in the field of contemporary history and international relations, and offer an attractive publication platform especially to junior academics.

Open Access
The Saggi di Dodis are designed as a digital journal. They are committed to the principle of open-access and use a Creative Commons license. Each volume is uniquely identified by a digital object identifier (DOI), guaranteeing permanent access. The Saggi di Dodis forgo page numbers. Instead of citing pages, reference is made directly to paragraphs, which remain the same regardless of formatting. The collected volumes of each calendar year can be ordered in book form on Amazon as print on demand.

Peer Review
We are happy to receive submissions. Manuscripts (c. 30,000 to 50,000 characters max.) are subject to peer review prior to publication in the Saggi di Dodis journal. For each review, we select two academic experts who specialise in a relevant field.


Information for Authors

Please address publication proposals for the Saggi di Dodis journal to:

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (Dodis)
Archivstrasse 24, CH-3003 Bern

Enclose the following documents: abstract in the same language as the article (800 characters max.), short CV, manuscript (formatted according to the Dodis stylesheet).