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About the Review

The Saggi di Dodis are an open-access journal published by the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (Dodis) research centre. The journal offers the opportunity to publish on any subject matter that is of interest to the Dodis research centre. In particular, it hosts contributions on the history of Switzerland’s international relations, on methodological questions relating to source edition and to source criticism, as well as on the digital humanities. The journal’s goal is to connect the Dodis database with the findings of current research. The digital format allows articles to contain links to documents, persons, and other resources. The Saggi di Dodis expand the possibilities of publishing in the field of contemporary history and international relations, and offer an attractive publication platform especially to junior academics.


Open Access Policy and Standards
The Saggi di Dodis are designed as a digital journal. They are committed to the principle of open-access and use a Creative Commons license (CC-BY). Each volume is uniquely identified by a digital object identifier (DOI), guaranteeing permanent access. The authors can be clearly assigned thanks to the use of the ORCID. The Saggi di Dodis forgo page numbers. Instead of citing pages, reference is made directly to paragraphs, which remain the same regardless of formatting.

Peer Review
Manuscript proposals for inclusion in the journal Saggi di Dodis are evaluated using a peer review process. Two experts from the academic community with a specialization in the relevant field are selected for each review.

Information for Authors
We are happy to receive submissions. Manuscript proposals should be submitted with the following enclosures to

  • Abstract in the same language as the article and in english(800 characters max.)
  • Short CV (250 characters max. incl. spaces)
  • Manuscript (c. 30,000 to 70,000 characters max. incl. spaces and footnotes, formatted according to the Dodis stylesheet).

A Word template is available for authors.

The journal Saggi di Dodis operates according to the Diamond Open Access model. There are no publication fees (Article Processing Charges (APC)) for publication.

Advisory Board
Prof. em. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch (President, University of Basel)
Prof. Dr.
Sacha Zala (Secretary, University of Bern)
Prof. em. Dr. Sébastian Guex (University of Lausanne)
Prof. Dr. Claude Hauser (University of Fribourg)
Prof. Dr.
Matthieu Leimgruber (University of Zürich)
Prof. Dr.
Julia Richers (University of Bern)
Prof. Dr.
Davide Rodogno (Graduate Institute Geneva)
Prof. Dr.
Kristina Schulz (University of Neuchâtel)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Schulz (Universiy of Geneva)

Prof. em. Dr. Brigitte Studer (University of Bern)


Saggi di Dodis (SdD)

Swiss Review of the History of International Relations

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Publisher: Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (Dodis)
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Editorial Office: Annina Clavadetscher and Dr. Dominik Matter
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Foundation: 2019
Frequency: approx. 5 articles per year
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