Research Group

The research centre is composed of the director and his staff, as well as assistants, civilian service workers, and interns. Prof. Dr. Sacha Zala is the research centre’s director. The scientific staff are specialised either on Switzerland’s relations with certain countries or international organisations, or on specific thematic areas.

The research centre’s members are active in university teaching and impart their expert historical knowledge in scientific publications, to the interested public, and to the media. They organise research colloquia and conferences on various aspects of Switzerland’s international relations, and present papers at national and international conferences on contemporary history.


Director Prof. Dr. Sacha Zala
Personal assistant to the director Valérie Loretan
Researchers Dr. Thomas Bürgisser
  Annina Clavadetscher, M.A.
  Flurina Felix, M.A.
  Lena Heizmann, M.A.
  Jonas Hirschi, M.A.
  Mattia Mahon, M.A.
  Dominik Matter, M.A.
  Maurizio Rossi, lic. phil.
  Dr. Christiane Sibille
  Yves Steiner, M.A.
Tobias Steiner, M.A.
Research affiliates Dr. Thomas Fischer
  Dr. Beat Hodler
  Dr. Patrick Jucker-Kupper
  Dr. Ariane Knüsel
  Dr. Liliane Stadler
  Dr. Francesca Zilio
Student assistants Antonio Giannico
  Fabio Guldimann
  Lelia Ischi
  Killian L'Eplattenier
  Janick Rüttimann
  Philip Stevanon
  Febe Tognina
  Marion Wagnières
Civilian service Gianni Perlini
Thomas Leu