9. April 2018

Swiss Foreign Policy, 1973–1975: New Volume Out Now!

Couverture du volume 26 des DDS (1973–1975)

«This kind of foreign ministry, with no police protection, but with a peaceful vegetable market ante portas, is what Palestinians dream of», a functionary of the Fatah party remarked on leaving the federal parliament building in Bern in June 1973. He was visiting the Federal Political Department to establish a representation of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation in Geneva.

23. November 2017

Call for Papers for the Conference «Global Diplomacy»

From August 30th–31th, 2018 in Basel and Bern, the international Conference «Global Diplomacy – A Post Institutional Approach» will be taken place. It is organized in the course of the SNSF-project «A Global History of Swiss Diplomacy», a cooperation between the the research center Dodis and the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel.

22. November 2017

5 Jahre Dodis-App

Die Dodis-App gibt's gratis im iTunes-Store sowie auf Google Play.

Kennen Sie sie bereits? Die Dodis-App für iOS gibt es bereits seit fünf Jahren. Seit 2015 steht sie auch für Android zur Verfügung. Damit kann man unterwegs bequem auf der Datenbank surfen, hat freien Zugang zur e-Book-Reihe Quaderni di Dodis und kann sich über die Aktivitäten und News der Forschungsstelle informieren.

15. November 2017

Die Gorgé-Tagebücher: Editionsprojekt mit der Fernuni

Er war von 1940 bis 1945 schweizerischer Gesandter in Japan: Der Diplomat Camille Gorgé (1893-1978)

«Debakel der Aufgehenden Sonne», so nannte Camille Gorgé seine Tagebuchaufzeichnungen vom Januar 1940 bis Oktober 1945. Als schweizerischer Gesandter in Tokio erlebte der aus dem Berner Jura stammende Diplomat hautnah den Untergang des japanischen Kaiserreichs im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Sein Aufzeichnungen sind ein eindrückliches Selbstzeugnis.

24. August 2017

«Wahlverwandtschaft zweier Sonderfälle im Kalten Krieg»

Titelseite des neuen Quaderni-Bandes

Band 8 der Reihe «Quaderni di Dodis» handelt von den Beziehungen der Schweiz zum sozialistischen Jugoslawien. Die Bedeutung derselben lässt sich bereits daran ersehen, dass Menschen, die ihre familiären Wurzeln im ehemaligen Vielvölkerstaat auf dem Balkan haben, heute fast fünf Prozent der schweizerischen Bevölkerung ausmachen.

18. January 2017

Dodis on the World Stage at Davos

Handing over of the gift at the WEF in the afternoon of January 17, 2017. Photo: Damien Cottier.

On 17 January 2017, Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter presented a book to the outgoing US-Secretary of State John Kerry as a farewell gift. This publication «‹If Neutral Switzerland Did not Exist, We Would Have Had to Invent It›. A Brief Selection of Documents on the Relations Between Switzerland, the United States and Cuba 1961–1971» is a special edition of Dodis-documents.

23. December 2016

«Harmony Must Dominate the World»

Im Fokus des sechsten Bandes der Reihe «Quaderni di Dodis» stehen die Aktivitäten internationaler Organisationen im weiten Feld der Musik in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts. «Harmony must dominate the world». Mit diesem Motto rief der australische Friedensaktivist Alfred E. Evershed Mitte der 1930er Jahre alle musikalischen Menschen dazu auf, sich einer globalen Harmoniekampagne anzuschliessen und auf diese Weise einen Beitrag zum Frieden in der Welt zu leisten. Bis heute wird der Musik wie kaum einem anderen Kulturgut die Fähigkeit zugesprochen, Grenzen aller Art zu überwinden.

29. March 2016

The DDS' Analysis on the «Years of Terror»

The debate about a «secret deal» between federal councillor Graber and the PLO. Taking stock, in: SZG 66/1 (2016), S. 1–24.

The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS) have analysed the question of Palestinian terrorism against targets in Switzerland in 1969/70 and its consequences as part of their regular research during the last few years. Consequently, numerous documents have been published in the database Dodis since 2012 (cf. A Guide to the «Years of Terror»).


16. November 2015

«SOS Biafra» – New volume in the series «Quaderni di Dodis»

The newly published fifth volume of the series «Quaderni di Dodis» centres on Switzerland's foreign relations in the context of the Nigerian civil war, 1967–1970. «SOS Biafra» was the International Committee of the Red Cross's appeal to the public, in May 1968, to support the relief mission in the secessionist area, which was completely isolated.

30. October 2015

Dodis-App 2.0 – Now available for iOS and Android

Dodis-App 2.0 – Jetzt für iOS und Android

Browse the Database with iOS and Android wherever and whenever you like: The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland’s app allows you to access the database wherever and whenever you like. Available in four languages, the Dodis app enables a direct access both to the database and to the e-book series «Quaderni di Dodis», whilst also keeping you up to date with the DDS’s news and activities.

16. October 2015

Nachruf auf Beatrix Mesmer

Prof. em. Dr. Beatrix Mesmer (1931–2015)

Mit Betroffenheit hat die Forschungsgruppe der DDS vom kürzlichen Tod von Prof. em. Dr. Beatrix Mesmer erfahren. Als Professorin für Schweizer Geschichte an der Universität Bern und Präsidentin der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Geschichte hat sie die Entwicklung der historischen Wissenschaften in der Schweiz massgeblich geprägt.

11. March 2015

Happy Birthday: Dodis turns 20!

How Dodis looked on the day the database went online in 1997.

Today, everyday life without the Internet is hardly conceivable. In 1995, however, not even half a percent of the world’s population was using the World Wide Web. Twenty years ago, on March 11, 1995, when the world was constituted in such a manner, the first document was integrated in the Dodis database. Thus, Dodis celebrates its 20th birthday today.

21. January 2015

Positive evaluation of the DDS

Commissioned by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS), the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS) were thoroughly evaluated by an external authority in 2014. The evaluation fully confirmed the positive developments of the last few years, especially attesting a «high frequency of book publishing», a «high quality» of the DDS products, «high standardization» and...

5. May 2014

Swiss Foreign Policy, 1970–1972: New Volume Out Now!

«The attempt to establish a newer and more suitable type of conditions for cooperation requires a fertile imagination, as well as sufficient time». These were the words of Paul R. Jolles, Head of the Division of Trade, on the upcoming negotiations with the EEC. «The trickiest problem will no doubt be the organising of Switzerland’s institutional collaboration in the integration process»

18. December 2013

Dodis Reloaded

The decisive step towards «Dodis 2.0» has been taken: in its continual efforts to renew the database, the research group of the DDS has brought together its front and back end technologies. Whereas so far, users only perceived small changes, «Dodis Reloaded» represents a definite milestone for the work of the research group.

27. June 2013

Digital Humanities Summer School

The Digital Humanities Summer School in Switzerland took place for the first time in Berne from June 26th until June 29th. Over the course of these three days, over 100 delegates from more than 20 countries convened in order to discuss the newest trends in Digital Humanities, participate in numerous lectures and workshops, a “project slam,” and an “unconference.”

26. April 2013

Dodis 1.6 online!

The research group has come one step further in its continual updating of the Dodis database. Dodis 1.6 features a simplified 'search mask' as well as clearer and more precise entries to the database. In an effort to refine the look of Dodis, an icon for persons, organizations and geographical terms has been added: where already possible, a photo illustrates the names of figures of Swiss diplomacy

9. April 2013

Dodis goes Social Media

«Swiss Academia goes Social Media» is a project of Swissnex San Francisco. It aims to encourage the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter in Swiss universities and research centres. Within the context of this two-year project, a variety of online seminars, workshops and study trips to the Silicon Valley were organised

27. March 2013

Hommage au Professeur Jean-Claude Favez

Le groupe de recherche des DDS rend un hommage reconnaissant au Professeur Jean-Claude Favez qui vient de décéder après une longue maladie. Professeur à l’Université de Genève de 1969 à 2000, Jean-Claude Favez est l’auteur de nombreuses publications, notamment sur l’histoire de la politique extérieure suisse, sur le CICR et d’autres aspects essentiels de l’histoire contemporaine.

13. November 2012

And now a Dodis iPhone app!

The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland’s brand new official app allows you to access the database wherever and whenever you like. Available in four languages, the Dodis app enables a direct access both to the database and to the e-book series «Quaderni di Dodis», whilst also keeping you up to date with the DDS’s news and activities. It is the first iPhone app in Switzerland to have been produced by a research project in contemporary history. What’s more, you can download it for free. The DDS hope you’ll enjoy it!

10. August 2012

Swiss Foreign Policy, 1967–1969: New Volume Out Now!

Umschlagbild von Band 24 der DDS

For the most part, Felix Schnyder was happy with his work in Washington. «In an otherwise excellent relationship between Switzerland and the U.S., the only problem to cause unfriendly and critical remarks is the business of Swiss banks under the banner of our bank secrecy», the Swiss ambassador reported to Berne in December 1967.

Bank Secrecy as a Political Issue

29. November 2011

Schweizer Aussenpolitik 1964 bis 1966 - der neue Band ist da!

In den repräsentativen Räumlichkeiten seiner Residenz in Moskau unterhielt sich der schweizerische Botschafter, August R. Lindt, im Dezember 1966 mit seinem nordkoreanischen Amtskollegen. «Ich empfing heute Botschafter Kim Ben Dik», schrieb Lindt nach Bern: «Er betrachtete sinnend das Glas Kirsch, das ich ihm kredenzt hatte, und sagte: ‹Dieses Getränk ist eben so rein und kristallklar wie die schweizerische Politik›» (Dok. 184,

«Heuchlerische Haltung der Schweiz»

29. November 2011

Dodis provides «quick responses»

The QR-Code («Quick Response») is globally on the rise. In Switzerland, the square, two-dimensional matrix consisting of black and white dots has become an increasingly frequent sight in logistics, the media and advertisments. Joining this trend, the Dodis-documents are now tagged with QR-Codes.

The cameras of mobile phones or computers can read and identify these codes on the documents and thereby provide direct acces to the corresponding online record on Dodis. The record holds all relevant information on the respective document: Source and analysis are thus directly linked!

25. October 2011

Dodis Plug-in for Firefox

We are constantly working on adjustments and innovations which facilitate the use of our resources. If you are using the browser Firefox, you can now install the Dodis-Plug-in. Go to our database and choose "Dodis Document Search" in the Firefox search field at the top right corner of the window. Now you can easily search Dodis through your browser window.

18. March 2010

Direct access to the sources in

The database Dodis now offers direct access to its content. Each entity in Dodis (documents, persons, organizations or geographic names) has a permalink (What is this?) allowing direct access to the information needed – with just one click, avoiding the ‘search-mask’. Thus, users have an efficient and quick instrument at their disposal, which also simplifies quoting sources from in their researches.

29. October 2009

Jean-François Bergier dies

On Thursday, October 29 2009, Jean-Fraçois Bergier has died at the age of 77. The historian, who specialized in economic and social history, was particularly known in connection with the independent commission of experts Switzerland – Second World War (ICE) which he chaired from 1996 until 2001. The professor in history at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich had been a member of the commission for the publication of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS) from 1979 until 1999.