Quaderni di Dodis

About the Series

The Quaderni di Dodis are an academic series in which papers, monographs or essays as well as sources and other materials are digitally published. This series will cover research results which were in one way or another initiated by the Dodis research centre: this may cover publications of international conferences, colloquia or workshops for researchers. The Quaderni di Dodis intend to widen publication possibilities in the fields of contemporary history and foreign policy and to offer an attractive and easy way to publish for young academics.

Open Access

The Quaderni di Dodis were conceived as an e-Book and are committed to the open access principle. They are under a Creative Commons license. Each volume of the series as well as the individual papers can be unequivocally identified with the Digital Objects Identifier (DOI). The DOI also grants a permanent access to the publications. The volumes of the Quaderni di Dodis can be downloaded here in the formats of the established e-readers or can be ordered in book-form as Print on Demand at Amazon.

Peer Review

In order to assess whether it can be published in the Quaderni di Dodis series, a manuscript proposal must undergo a process of double-blind peer review. Both experts chosen for this task are always selected amongst academics specialized in the relevant field.

Information for authors

Please address proposals for publication in the Quaderni di Dodis series to: 

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Archivstrasse 24
CH-3003 Bern

Mail: quaderni@dodis.ch

With the following enclosed documents: 
Abstract (1000 signs)
Manuscript (following the style sheet format)

Review Copies
If you would like to request a review copy, contact quaderni@dodis.ch.