Open Science

The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland research centre has always advocated open access to knowledge, and with its database Dodis – which went online in 1997 – was among the pioneers in the digital humanities in Switzerland. This programmatic adoption of the idea of «open science» is reflected in all Dodis products.

Open data

The Dodis database offers access to documents central to the history of Swiss foreign policy and supplements these with research-based meta-data, creating a unique, high-quality body of sources on the history of international relations after 1848. The database’s contents are freely available to all, at any time.

In addition, information on the documents and their origin is available as open data, in a variety of formats, at for further use.

Dodis implements a data management plan and observes the FAIR data principles as well as the Swiss Academy of the Humanities and Social Sciences’ open-science policy.

Open access

All volumes of the «Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland» (DDS) print edition are available for download on our website.

In order to publish research based on sources freely provided by Dodis in a no-fuss, innovative manner and in open-access form, Dodis has developed two new serial publications: Quaderni di Dodis for monographs and edited collections, and Saggi di Dodis for shorter research papers. Both are published as e-journals, are peer-reviewed, and available in all major e-book formats.

Open source

Dodis promotes the use of open-source software and actively participates in advancing relevant projects.


Our Impressum lists contact details as well as our privacy policy and terms of use.

Unless noted otherwise, all content of Dodis – Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.