The «Bibliography on the History of Swiss Foreign Politics» aims to give a comprehensive overview of both scientific publications (monographs, scientific articles, academic research papers) and the most significant non-scientific publications addressing Swiss foreign relations from 1848 to today. It focuses on texts with a historical dimension.

The bibliography also lists, without claiming to be exhaustive, further reading on the period before 1848 if of general significance; further reading on topics particularly characteristic or emblematic of Swiss foreign politics, such as neutrality, Nazi gold, the Swiss financial centre, the «good offices», the Red Cross, international organisations based in Switzerland (UN, League of Nations, etc.), the Principality of Liechtenstein (whose foreign relations Switzerland manages), Pro Helvetia, and diplomatic activities on Swiss territory (Montreux conference, etc.); selected works by Swiss foreign-policy players where this appears justified.

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The Bibliografia di Dodis is currently available online and as a PDF and freely accessible via this link.