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General Policy And Neutrality Doctrine  
Multilateral Relations  
Economic Activities and Policy  
Social Policy   
Humanitarian Activities  
Security Policy  
Cultural Questions (and other questions)  
The Press and the Media  
Bilateral Relations  
Thematic list  
Thematic list of the ICE database   
General Policy and Neutrality Doctrine  
Foreign Policy (Gen.)
Neutrality Policy
Federal institutions
Foreign interests
Good offices
Domestic affairs
Other aspects of foreign Policy
Attitudes in relation to persecutions
Multilateral Relations  
Multilateral relations
Council of Europe
European Payment Union
OSCE / CSCE / Conference on European Security
Regions of the world
Central Powers (World War I)
Entente (World War I)
Axis powers (World War II)
Specialized UN-Organisations
Governmental Organisations (IGO)
Non Governmental Organisations (NGO)
Questions relating to the seat of international organisations
League of Nations
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Economic Activities and Policy  
Economic Policy
Trade Relations
Financial Relations
Financial Agreement Washington
Swiss Financial Market
Monetary Policy
Export of munition
Transit And Transport
Road transport
Ship transport
Air traffic
Energy and raw materials
Water power
Crude oil and natural gas
Nuclear power
Renewable energy
Tourism [Documents 1961ff.]
Mechanical and electrical engineering industries
Food industry
Textile industry
Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
Supplying in times of war
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Social Policy  
Social Policy [Documents 1961ff.]
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Swiss Policy towards foreigners
Policy of asylum
Swiss citizens from abroad
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Humanitarian Activities  
Humanitarian activities
Aid to refugees
Disaster aid
Development cooperation
Relations with the ICRC
Human rights
Attitudes in relation to persecutions
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Security Policy  
Security Policy
Military Policy
Warsaw Pact
Collective security projects
Import of munition
Question of nuclear weapons
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Cultural Questions (and other questions)  
Cultural Questions
Religious questions
Scientific questions
Questions about sports
Ecological questions
Questions of international law
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The Press and the Media  
The press and the media
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Bilateral Relations  
Bilateral relations (general)
North America
South America
Central America
Near and Middle East
Other countries
Afghanistan Allg.:;
Albania Allg.:; 
Algeria Allg.:; 
Andorra Allg.:;
Angola Allg.:;
Antigua and Barbuda Allg.:;
Argentina Allg.:;
Australia Allg.:;
Austria Allg.:;
Austria-Hungary Allg.:;
Bahamas (The) Allg.:;
Bahrain Allg.:;
Bangladesh Allg.:;
Barbados Allg.:;
Belgium Allg.:;
Belize Allg.:;
Bhutan Allg.:;
Bolivia Allg.:;
Botswana Allg.:;
Brazil Allg.:;
Brunei Darussalam Allg.:;
Bulgaria Allg.:;
Burma Allg.:;
Burundi Allg.:;
Cambodia Allg.:;
Cameroon's (the) Allg.:;
Canada Allg.:;
Cape Verde Allg.:;
Central African Republic Allg.:;
Ceylon Allg.:;
Chad Allg.:;
Chile Allg.:;
China Allg.:;
Colombia Allg.:;
Congo, Democratic Republic of the / Zaire (Kinshasa)   
Congo, Republic of the (Brazzaville)
Costa Rica
Cuba Allg.:;
Cyprus Allg.:;
Czechoslovakia Allg.:;
Dahomey / Benin Allg.:;
Denmark Allg.:;
Djibouti Allg.:;
Dominica Allg:;
Dominican Republic Allg.:;
East Timor Allg.:;
Ecuador Allg.:;
Egypt Allg.:;
El Salvador Allg.:;
Equatorial Guinea Allg.:;
Eritrea Allg.:;
Ethiopia Allg.:;
Fiji Islands Allg.:;
Finland Allg.:;
France Allg.:;
Gabon Allg.:;
Gambia, The Allg.:;
Germany - FRG Allg.:;
Germany - GDR Allg.:;
Germany (F zone) Allg.:;
Germany (GB zone) Allg.:;
Germany (Gen.) [only Gen., for Germany before 1945] Allg.:;
Germany (US zone) Allg.:;
Germany (USSR zone) Allg.:;
Germany (Zones) Allg.:;
Ghana Allg.:;
Great Britain Allg.:;
Greece Allg.:;
Grenada Allg.:;
Guatemala Allg.:;
Guinea-Bissau Allg.:;
Guyana Allg.:;
Haiti Allg.:;
Honduras Allg.:;
Hungary Allg.:;
Iceland Allg.:;
India Allg.:;
Indochina [–> see also Vietnam] Allg.:;
Indonesia Allg.:;
Iran Allg.:;
Iraque Allg.:;
Ireland Allg.:;
Israel Allg.:;
Ivory Coast Allg.:;
Jamaica Allg.:;
Jordan Allg.:;
Kenya Allg.:;
Kiribati Allg.:;
Korea (Gen.) [only Gen., for Korea before separation and for Korean war. –> see also South Korea and North Korea] Allg.:;
Kuwait Allg.:;
Laos Allg.:;
Latvia Allg.:;
Lebanon Allg.:;
Lesotho Allg.:;
Liberia Allg.:;
Libya Allg.:;
Liechtenstein Allg.:;
Lithuania Allg.:;
Luxemburg Allg.:;
Madagaskar Allg.:;
Malawi Allg.:;
Malaysia Allg.:;
Maledives Allg.:;
Mali Allg.:;
Malta Allg.:;
Mauritania Allg.:;
Mauritius Allg.:;
Mexico Allg.:;
Micronesia, Federated States of Allg.:;
Monaco Allg.:;
Mongolia Allg.:;
Morocco Allg.:;
Mozambique Allg.:;
Namibia Allg.:;
Nauru Allg.:;
Nepal Allg.:;
Netherlands (the) Allg.:;
New-Zealand Allg.:;
Nicaragua Allg.:;
Niger Allg.:;
Nigeria Allg.:;
North Korea [–> see also Korea] Allg.:;
North Vietnam (1954-1976) Allg.:;
Norway Allg.:;
Oman Allg.:;
Ottoman Empire Allg:;
Pakistan Allg:;
Panama Allg.:;
Papua New Guinea Allg.:;
Paraguay Allg.:;
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen Allg.:;
Peru Allg.:;
Philippines (the) Allg.:;
Poland Allg.:;
Portugal Allg.:;
Qatar Allg.:;
Rhodesia / Simbabwe Allg.:;
Romania Allg.:;
Rwanda Allg.:;
Samoa Allg.:;
San Marino Allg.:;
São Tomé and Príncipe Allg.:;
Saudi Arabia Allg.:;
Senegal Allg.:;
Seychelles Allg.:;
Sierra Leone Allg.:;
Singapore Allg.:;
Solomon Islands Allg.:;
Somalia [incl. Somaliland] Allg.:;
South Africa Allg.:;
South Korea [–> see also Korea] Allg.:;
South Vietnam (1954-1976) Allg.:;
Spain Allg.:;
Sudan Allg.:;
Suriname Allg.:;
Swaziland Allg.:;
Sweden Allg.:;
Syrien Allg.:;
Taiwan Allg.:;
Tanzania [incl. Tanganyika and Zanzibar] Allg.:;
Thailand Allg.:;
Togo Allg.:;
Tonga Allg.:;
Trinidad and Tobago Allg.:;
Tunesia Allg.:;
Turkey Allg.:;
Tuvalu Allg.:;
Uganda Allg.:;
United Arab Emirates Allg.:;
United States of America (USA) Allg.:;
Upper-Volta / Burkina Faso Allg.:;
Uruguay Allg.:;
USSR Allg.:;
Vanuatu Allg.:;
Vatican (the) Allg.:;
Venezuela Allg.:;
Vietnam [–> see also Indochina] Allg.:;
Yemen Allg.:;
Yemen Arab Republic Allg.:;
Yugoslavia Allg.:;
Zambia Allg.:;
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Thematic list  
Dormant banc accounts Nachrichtenlose Vermögen
Questions concerning the recognition of states Fragen der Anerkennung fremder Staaten
Mirage-Affair Mirage-Affäre
Bührle-Affair Bührle-Affäre
Watch conflict with the U.S. Uhrenstreit mit den USA
Conference of the Ambassadors Botschafterkonferenzen
1968 1968
Questions concerning the accession to international organisations Frage des Beitritts zu Internationalen Organisationen
Parliamentary Committees on Foreign Policy Aussenpolitische Kommissionen des Parlaments
Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council Aussenpolitische Kommission des Nationalrates
Foreign Affairs Committee of the Council of States Aussenpolitische Kommission des Ständerates
Foreign Trade Committee of the National Council Nationalrätliche Kommission für Aussenwirtschaft
Foreign Trade Committee of the Council of States Ständerätliche Kommission für Aussenwirtschaft
Watch industry Uhren
Double taxation Doppelbesteuerung
Esposizione nazionale Expo 1964 Landesausstellung Expo 1964
Meetings of the senior officials of the FPD Chefbeamtenbesprechungen EPD
Social security Sozialversicherungswesen
Xenophobia Fremdenfeindlichkeit
Women's suffrage Frauenstimmrecht
Six-Day War 6-Tage-Krieg
Flight capital Fluchtgeld
Divided states geteilte Staaten
Gender issues Geschlechterfragen
Outer space Weltraum
Crisis in Czechoslovakia Krise in der Tschechoslowakei
Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Wiener Übereinkommen über diplomatische Beziehungen
Unlawful activities on behalf of a foreign state (Art. 271-274 SCC) Verbotene Handlungen für einen fremden Staat (Art. 271-274 StGB)
Geneva's international role Die internationale Rolle Genfs
Jura question Jurafrage
Means of transmission Übermittlungswesen
Suez Crisis 1956 Suezkrise 1956
Minutes of the working group Historische Standortsbestimmung Protokolle der Arbeitsgruppe Historische Standortsbestimmung
Korean War Koreakrieg
Vietnam War Vietnamkrieg
Tibetan refugees Tibetische Flüchtlinge
Oil crisis 1973/1974 Ölkrise 1973/1974 
History of the DDS Geschichte der DDS
Paris Peace Conference 1919 Pariser Friedenskonferenz 1919
The Voralberg question Vorarlberg-Frage
Free zones of Haute-Savoie and Pays de Gex Freizonen von Hochsavoyen und des Pays de Gex
International workers‘ protection  Internationaler Arbeiterschutz
Revolutionary movements (1900-1920) Revolutionäre Bewegegungen (1900–1920)
Image of the Swiss abroad Bild der Schweiz im Ausland
Historiography Historiografie
Würenlingen attack 1970 Attentat von Würenlingen 1970
Kloten attack 1969 Attentat von Kloten 1969
Highjackings to Zarqa Flugzeugentführungen nach Zerka 1970
Organizational charts of the FPD/FDFA  Organisationsschemata des EPD/EDA
Gotthard railway, Planning Gotthardbahn, Planung
Gotthard railway, Construction Gotthardbahn, Bau 
Gotthard railway, Gotthard Treaty Gotthardbahn, Gotthardvertrag
Simplon railway Simplonbahn
[ up ]  
Outbreak of World War II 1939 Ausbruch des Zweiten Weltkrieges 1939
Minutes of negotiation of the Federal Council in the Zarqa crisis  Verhandlungsprotokolle des Bundesrats zur Zerka-Krise 1970
Geneva office of the PLO Einrichtung des PLO-Büros in Genf
Gotthard railway, Labour unrest in Göschenen Gotthardbahn, Arbeiterunruhen in Göschenen
Gotthard railway, Revision of the Gotthard Treaty Gotthardbahn, Revision des Gotthardvertrags
Gotthard railway, Transit during World War II Gotthardbahn, Transit im Zweiten Weltkrieg
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Thematic list of the ICE database  
For every link between an information and an ICE subject also a link with a Dodis subject was made (Ausnahme: 90 - ICE: Statistical and quantitative information). See Concordance.  
10 - ICE: Foreign trade and payments / Economic policy  
10.01 - ICE: (Economic) conceptions and projects  
10.02 - ICE: (Governmental) economic negotiations  
10.03 - ICE: Economic contacts (associations / companies / individuals)  
11 - ICE: Domestic economy  
11.01 - ICE: War economy and its organisations  
12 - ICE: Foreign policy / Diplomacy  
13 - ICE: Domestic policy / Political system of Switzerland  
13.01 - ICE: Parties / Political and economic organisations  
14 - ICE: Military / National defence / Threat  
15 - ICE: Neutrality  
16 - ICE: Monetary and payment transactions / Clearing  
20 - ICE: Movements of escape (by national socialists)  
21 - ICE: Looted cultural assets  
22 - ICE: Cloaking / Camouflage  
23 - ICE: IG Farben - Interhandel  
30 - ICE: Banks  
40 - ICE: Monetary and central bank policy  
41 - ICE: Gold transactions with the Axis powers  
50 - ICE: Insurances  
60 - ICE: Industry  
60.01 - ICE: Raw materials  
60.02 - ICE: Metal and machine industry  
60.03 - ICE: Watchmaking industry  
60.04 - ICE: Chemical industry  
60.05 - ICE: Textile industry  
60.06 - ICE: Food industry  
60.08 - ICE: Other branches  
60.09 - ICE: Energy  
61 - ICE: Wholesale trade and forwarding companies  
62 - ICE: Tourism  
63 - ICE: Agriculture  
64 - ICE: Transport  
65 - ICE: Armaments industry / Exports of weaponry  
66 - ICE: Forced labour  
67 - ICE: Transfer of knowledge and technology  
70 - ICE: Refugees / Policy of asylum  
70.01 - ICE: Financing of policy of asylum  
70.02 - ICE: Transfer of assets on behalf of refugees  
73 - ICE: Ransom demands  
74 - ICE: Victim protection  
80 - ICE: Jews / Anti-semitism  
81 - ICE: National socialist policy ("Juden- und Bevölkerungspolitik")  
82 - ICE: "Aryanisation" / Annexation and expropriation of assets of refugees  
83 - ICE: Contrabande trade  
84 - ICE: Perception of persecution and destruction policy  
85 - ICE: Press / Media / Public opinion  
86 - ICE: Dormant accounts  
87 - ICE: Policy on dealing with the past  
88 - ICE: Prosecution / Restitution / Compensation  
89 - ICE: Intermediaries  
90 - ICE: Statistical and quantitative information  
91 - ICE: Elite and ideology