Thematic register



Alliances and Relations with other States (1893–1903)

Cooperation with the neutral States (1914–1923)

Cooperation with the neutral States (1989–)

International situation (until 1914)

Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC)

Non-Aligned Movement

International Judicial Assistance

Marc Rich Affair (1983–2001)

Conference of Lausanne (1922–1923)

Hague Peace Conferences (1899 and 1907)

Operation «Grand Nettoyage» (1990–1991)

Paris Peace Conference (1919)

Peace process in Afghan (1989–)

Peacekeeping (1918–1939)

Peacekeeping (1890–1918)

Military observer missions (1990...)

Participation in the United Nations peacekeeping forces (Blue Helmets)

Conradi Affair (1923)

Grimm-Hoffmann affair (1917)

Haupt Schröder Affair (1888)

Ruegger Affair (1942)

Wohlgemuth Affair (1889)

1.3.1 Anarchism

Anti-Anarchist Conference of Rome (1898)

1.3.2 Fashism

Coselschi Affair (1935–1938)

Fonjallaz Affair (1933–1934)

Gustloff Affair (1936)

Jacob Affair (1935)

A Prato Affair (1934–1938)

Bassanesi Affair (1930)

CSCE negotiations in Helsinki and Geneva (1972–1975)

Geneva Conference on Disarmament (1962 ...)

Geneva Disarmament Conference (1932–1934)

Geneva Summit (1985)

Dissolution of the Soviet Union (1990–1991)

German reunification (1989–)

International perceptions of the German reunification (1989–1990)

Border incidents in Ticino (1925–1929)

Free zones of Haute-Savoie and Pays de Gex

French fortifications in the frontier zone to Switzerland (1875–1937)

Irredentism in Ticino (1876–1942)

Jura Question (1947–)

Neuchâtel crisis (1856–1857)

Press incidents and polemics in Ticino (1921–1924)

Question of the Dappes Valley (1857–1863)

Territorial reformation projects and border corrections (1870–1871)

The Secret Files Scandal (1989–)

The Vorarlberg question

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Questions concerning the accession to international organisations

Questions relating to the seat of international organisations

European Payments Union (1950–1958)

Luxembourg Conference and Follow-up (1984)

First Enlargement of the EEC: Denmark, Irland, United Kingdom (1973)

Fourth enlargement of the EC: Austria, Finland, Sweden (1995)

Free Trade Agreement with the EEC (FTA) (1972)

Second Enlargement of the EEC: Grece (1981)

Switzerland's Application for Membership in the EC (1991–1993)

Third Enlargement of the EC: Spain, Portugal (1986)

Transit Negociations with the EC (1987–1992)


Negotiations EFTA–EEC on the EEA-Agreement (1989–1991)

Vote on European Economic Area (EEA) (1992)

Military observer missions (1990...)

Vote on UN Membership (1986)

Vote on UN Membership (2002)

Sanctions against Rhodesia

Admission of the Soviet Union to the League of Nations (1934)

Free City of Danzig

Genoa Conference (1922)

Vilnius Affair (1921)

Barcelona Conference on Freedom of Transit (1921)

3.5.2 GATT

Conference on Trade and Employment in Havana and GATT follow-up meetings (1947–1961)

International Agricultural Negociations (1990–1995)

Kennedy Round (1963–1971)

Tokyo Round (1971–1984)

Uruguay Round (1986–1994)

Switzerland's Accession to the Bretton Woods-Institutions (1989–1993)

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700th anniversary of the Confederation (1991)

Diplomacy of official visits

Introduction of the Title of State Secretary

Reorganization of the Federal administration (1967–1980)

West Africa journey by Pierre Aubert (1979)

Assaults on diplomatic and consular representations

Handbook of Swiss foreign policy

Meetings of the senior officials of the FPD

Protection of diplomatic and consular representations

Seat’s transfer of company in case of war

Seminars in export promotion for Swiss diplomats

Trade Reports of the Swiss Consulates (1893–1904)

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961–1964)

Working group Historische Standortsbestimmung

Organizational charts of the FPD/FDFA

Organizational charts of the Swiss embassies and consulats

Work plans of the divisions and services of the FPD/FDFA and the FDEA

Concours diplomatique

4.1.4 Protocol

Credential Letters

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Competition policy

Bührle-Affair (1968)

Chiasso Scandal (1977)

Dormant Bank Accounts (1947–1973)

Flight capital

Washington Agreement (1946)

Marcos' secrets accounts

The Lockheed bribery scandal and its consequences (1975)

Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (BITs)

Latin Monetary Union (1880–1905)

London Monetary and Economic Conference (1933)

Swiss Franc devaluation of 1936 and international abandonment of the gold standard

Double taxation

5.3.2 Insurances

Transit Negociations with the EC (1987–1992)

5.4.1 Railway

New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA) (1961–)

Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine

Regulation of the Rhine

Gotthard railway, Construction (1871–1886)

Gotthard railway, Gotthard Treaty (1903–1913)

Gotthard railway, Planning (1851–1871)

New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA) (1961–)

Simplon railway (1873–1913)

European Energy Charter

Oil Crisis (1973–1974)

5.5.5 Coal

International Agricultural Negociations (1990–1995)

5.6.2 Tourism

Watch conflict with the USA (1946–1975)

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Political speeches by foreigners

Visa and Entry Issues

Anti-Immigration Initiatives (1965–1977)

Dreyfus Affair

Border Workers

Kurdish refugees

Refugees from former Yugoslavia

Tamil refugees

Tibetan Refugees

Svetlana Alliluyeva's stay in Switzerland

Political rights of Swiss citiziens from abroad

Brussels Anti-Slavery Conference (1889–1890)

Fashoda Incident (1898)

Suez Crisis (1956)

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North-South Dialogue

Federal Law on International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid of 19.3.1976

Schweizerische Präsidentenberater in Ruanda

Popular vote on the grant in favour of the IDA of 13.6.1976

Assistance to the countries of Eastern Europe

7.4.2 Food aid

Refugee Crisis in Southeast Asia (1975–)

Minority Issues

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Unlawful activities on behalf of a foreign state (Art. 271–274 SCC)

Bührle-Affair (1968)

Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE)

Internees and prisoners of war (1939–1945)

Internment of the Bourbaki Army (1871)

Mercenary Services

Military observer missions (1990...)

F/A-18, fighter jet

Mirage-Affair (1964)

Tiger, fighter jet (1974)

The Case of Charles Davis (1950)

Non-Proliferation Treaty (1968)

Geneva Conference on Disarmament (1962 ...)

Geneva Disarmament Conference (1932–1934)

8.2.2 NATO

Confidence and Security-Building Measures (CSBM)

Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE)

CSCE follow-up meeting in Belgrade (1977–1978)

CSCE follow-up meeting in Helsinki (1992)

CSCE follow-up meeting in Madrid (1980–1983)

CSCE follow-up meeting in Vienna (1986–1989)

CSCE negotiations in Helsinki and Geneva (1972–1975)

CSCE Summit in Paris (19.–21.11.1990)

Final CSCE conference in Helsinki (30.7.1975–2.8.1975)

Stockholm Conference on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe (CSBM, 1984–1986)

Peacekeeping (1918–1939)

Peacekeeping (1890–1918)

Planification of the Post-War Order (World War II) (1943–1944)

Post-War Order (World War II) (1945–1947)

Sudeten Crisis and Munich Agreement (1938)

Economic and financial negotiations with the Allies (World War I)

Economic and financial negotiations with the Central Powers (World War I)

8.4.1 Terrorism

Highjackings to Zarqa

Kloten attack 1969

Würenlingen attack 1970

8.4.2 Drug trade

International Drug Policy

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Image of Switzerland abroad

Swiss National Exhibition (Expo 1964)

World Expositions

Diocesan issue (1857–1884)

9.2.1 Islamism

Formation/International mobility


History of Dodis

Outer space

Alpine Convention (1991)

Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal (1989)

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro (1992)

Chernobyl disaster

Seveso Disaster (1976)

Images Swiss Weekly Newsreel (1945–1973)

International Drug Policy

General Strike (1918)

Women's Strike of the 14.6.1991

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Thematic Dossiers
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Bilateral relations

Antigua and
Bahamas (The)
Bosnia and
Cameroon's (the)
Central African
Democratic Republic of the
Gambia, The
Germany – FRG
Germany –
Micronesia, Federated States
Netherlands (the)
North Vietnam (1954-1976)
Papua New
Philippines (the)
Republic of the
Saint Kitts and
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the
São Tomé and Prí
South Vietnam (1954-1976)
Trinidad and
United Arab
United States of America (USA)
Vatican (the) (Holy See)
Yemen, Arab Republic (Sanaa)
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