The Duke of Harar Memorial Hospital in Addis Abeba

On 5 December 1974, the medical faculty of the University of Bern terminated its cooperation with the Service for Technical Cooperation of the FPD on the Ethiopian project of the Duke of Harar Hospital. The oversized hospital had been opened with Swiss help just thirteen months earlier. Even before the political unrest that shook Ethiopia from February 1974, cooperation with Ethiopian partners was difficult and conflicts within the hospital were the order of the day. The looming revolution was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and with it the project finally collapsed.

Based on Swiss files, Philip Stevanon examines the background that led to the failure of the Swiss-Ethiopian cooperation project in the latest article in the online journal Saggi di Dodis.

04. 05. 2022

The article by Philip Stevanon is available for download at Open Access.

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