Media conference concerning the publication of the new volume DDS 1991

On January 1st, 2022, exactly when the legally stipulated confidentiality period has run out, the Research Centre Dodis published on its database a selection of the most relevant files on the history of Swiss foreign policy in 1991, a year of radical changes. 62 of these key documents were published in the latest volume, Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland 1991, which was presented at a hybrid media conference by Dodis Director Sacha Zala, Madeleine Herren (President Scientific Advisory Board) and Philippe Künzler (Director Federal Archives).
These newly accessible documents show the controversies around the conclusion of the EEA Agreement, the foreign-political challenges Switzerland was facing at the beginning of the Gulf War of 1991 and the Yugoslav Wars as well as during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The publication of these documents was widely reported in the Swiss media.

Recording of the presentation

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04. 01. 2022