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DDS vol. 27, (1976–1978)

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Volume 27 (1.1.1976 bis 31.12.1978)

Senior researcher: Sacha Zala 
bound, with dust cover, 16x24cm
LXXVI and 545 pages
Bern and Zurich 2022
CHF 78.–

Academic researchers
Pierre Brodard, Thomas Bürgisser, Sabine Dändliker, Dominik Matter, Joël Swai Praz, Maurizio Rossi, Franziska Ruchti, Christiane Sibille, Yves Steiner

Switzerland’s foreign relations were characterized during the years 1976–1978 by dynamism and activation, as the documents in volume 27 show. The CSCE process as well as the North-South dialogue opened new perspectives for Swiss diplomacy. Another new development is the focus on human rights. The rejection of the financing of the IDA and the extension of the right of referendum on international treaties are both evidence of the growing influence of Parliament and the people on foreign policy. The appreciation of the Swiss franc is exacerbating the recession. In response, political authorities intervened to support foreign currencies and promote seems. Various scandals paint a picture of a Switzerland that appears less and less «above suspicion».

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