50 years 1968

The year 1968 leaves its mark on 2018. 50 years later, the research centre Dodis looks back through the eyes of Swiss diplomacy on an eventful year and highlights various aspects.

  • Using the hastag #Dodis1968, we continuously present you a series of documents, in which the Swiss representations abroad report on the protest movements in various countries all over the world. You can find the collection of all the documents in Dodis here:
  • A selection of these reports on the global «youth revolt» are published in volume 9 of the series «Quaderni di Dodis. The volume not only covers reports from 22 countries, but also a study done by the interns of the Federal Political Department.
  • It was the single biggest weapons export scandal in Swiss history: Our new e-Dossier sheds light on the backgrounds sheds light on the backgrounds of the Bührle Affair of 1968.
  • When in the night of 21 August 1968 troops of the Warsaw Pact occupied Czechoslovakia in a sudden attack, Swiss diplomats found themselves at the very center of the dramatic events: another new e-Dossier sheds light on the suppression of the «Prague Spring».
  • In the epochal turmoil of 1968, students of the university of Maryland near Washington initiated a mock protest aganst «the world's most urgent problem – Swiss imperialsm». You can find this comical episode on Dodis.