Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland 1993

On 3 January 2024, Dodis celebrated the publication of Swiss Diplomatic Documents DDS 1993 at the University of Bern. Prof. Dr. Virginia Richter, Rector designate of the University of Bern, and Prof. em. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch, President of the Dodis Commission, welcomed the many Amiche e Amici di Dodis who had gathered for the occasion. Prof. Dr. Sacha Zala, Director of Dodis, then presented the new volume of Swiss Diplomatic Documents and gave an impressive illustration of how the Confederation launched a veritable «charm offensive» after the rejection of the EEA on 6 December 1992. Marc Tribelhorn (NZZ) echoed the explanations of the Dodis director in his interview with the evening's guest of honour, former Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi. The President of the Confederation for 1993 offered an in-depth overview of the events that marked his first year as President.



Watch the entire vernissage on 3 January 2024 :


Following the rejection of the EEA, the Federal Council set about establishing sectoral bilateral negotiations with the EU by launching a visiting offensive. In its report on Swiss foreign policy in the 1990s, it outlined a global strategy for defending Switzerland's interests in a changing international context. Other topics covered in the published documents include economic relations with Asia, development cooperation, cooperation with Eastern Europe, security policy issues, international environmental policy, the wars in Yugoslavia and immigration and asylum policy. 


Programme for the vernissage on 3 January 2024

Prof. Dr. Virginia Richter, designierte Rektorin der Universität Bern
Prof. em. Dr. Madeleine Herren, Präsidentin der Kommission Dodis

Prof. Dr. Sacha Zala, Direttore Dodis
Presentazione del nuovo volume

alt Bundespräsident Adolf Ogi
im Gespräch mit
Marc Tribelhorn (NZZ)



dds 1993