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DDS 1992

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Volume 1992
Senior researcher: Sacha Zala

Berne 2023
Softcover, CHF 13.–
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Academic Researchers
Thomas Bürgisser, Annina Clavadetscher, Flurina Felix, Lena Heizmann, Jonas Hirschi, Mattia Mahon, Dominik Matter, Maurizio Rossi, Yves Steiner


The negative outcome of the referendum on the EEA challenges fundamentally the Federal Council’s European policy and its goal of joining the EC. In contrast, thanks to contacts with Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Switzerland is able to join the Bretton Woods institutions with its own voting group. Central themes of the edited documents are the Rio Earth Summit and relations with the UN, the question of neutrality in the new security policy environment, the Yugoslav wars and refugee policy, the foreign policy of the Cantons, and economic relations with Asia and Latin America.

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