29. March 2016

The DDS' Analysis on the «Years of Terror»

The debate about a «secret deal» between federal councillor Graber and the PLO. Taking stock, in: SZG 66/1 (2016), S. 1–24.

The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS) have analysed the question of Palestinian terrorism against targets in Switzerland in 1969/70 and its consequences as part of their regular research during the last few years. Consequently, numerous documents have been published in the database Dodis since 2012 (cf. A Guide to the «Years of Terror»).


e-Dossier: The Establishment of Swiss Diplomatic Relations with the USSR

From left to right: federal councillor Max Petitpierre talking to minister Eduard Zellweger (Belgrad) and to Hermann Flückiger, designated as the first envoy to Moscow. «Schweizerische Filmwochenschau» from 5.4.1946.

On 18 March 1946, an exchange of diplomatic notes in Belgrade (dodis.ch/48190) broke a silence that had lasted almost thirty years, establishing official relations between Switzerland and the Soviet Union. The normalization of relations with the new eastern superpower was one of the fundamental conditions for the development of Switzerland's international relations in the commencing Cold War.

9. March 2016

Learn Dodis Day 2016


Die Forschungsstelle der Diplomatischen Dokumente der Schweiz hat im Rahmen ihrer wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchsförderung zum Learn Dodis Day 2016 eingeladen. Die Veranstaltung richtete sich in erster Linie an Studierende der Geschichte, war aber auch der interessierten Öffentlichkeit zugänglich. Die Teilnahme befähigt dazu, selbständige Recherchen in der Datenbank durchzuführen.

12. February 2016
Press Review

Bundesrat Grabers Agenda auf Dodis

Agenda Pierre Graber, September 1970, dodis.ch/48161

Die Debatte um das angebliche «Stillhalteabkommen», das Bundesrat Pierre Graber im September 1970 mit dem Aussenbeauftragten der PLO in Genf abgeschlossen haben soll, hält an. Die Forschungsgruppe der DDS bemüht sich um eine Einordnung der Spekulationen in den historischen Kontext. So wurde kürzlich ein Auszug aus der Agenda Grabers auf Dodis online geschaltet.

Swiss-Diplo – A Global History of Swiss Diplomacy

The research centre Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS), an enterprise of the SAHS and centre of excellence for the history of Swiss foreign relations, is increasingly drawing interest from third parties. The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is funding a research project undertaken by the University of Basel's Institute for European Global Studies, where Prof Dr Madeleine Herren is leading a team of three scholars researching Swiss diplomacy in a global perspective, 1848 to 1975.

16. November 2015

«SOS Biafra» – New volume in the series «Quaderni di Dodis»

The newly published fifth volume of the series «Quaderni di Dodis» centres on Switzerland's foreign relations in the context of the Nigerian civil war, 1967–1970. «SOS Biafra» was the International Committee of the Red Cross's appeal to the public, in May 1968, to support the relief mission in the secessionist area, which was completely isolated.

30. October 2015

Dodis-App 2.0 – Now available for iOS and Android

Dodis-App 2.0 – Jetzt für iOS und Android

Browse the Database with iOS and Android wherever and whenever you like: The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland’s app allows you to access the database wherever and whenever you like. Available in four languages, the Dodis app enables a direct access both to the database and to the e-book series «Quaderni di Dodis», whilst also keeping you up to date with the DDS’s news and activities.


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