9. April 2013

Dodis goes Social Media

«Swiss Academia goes Social Media» is a project of Swissnex San Francisco. It aims to encourage the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter in Swiss universities and research centres. Within the context of this two-year project, a variety of online seminars, workshops and study trips to the Silicon Valley were organised

27. March 2013

Hommage au Professeur Jean-Claude Favez

Le groupe de recherche des DDS rend un hommage reconnaissant au Professeur Jean-Claude Favez qui vient de décéder après une longue maladie. Professeur à l’Université de Genève de 1969 à 2000, Jean-Claude Favez est l’auteur de nombreuses publications, notamment sur l’histoire de la politique extérieure suisse, sur le CICR et d’autres aspects essentiels de l’histoire contemporaine.

13. November 2012

And now a Dodis iPhone app!

The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland’s brand new official app allows you to access the database wherever and whenever you like. Available in four languages, the Dodis app enables a direct access both to the database and to the e-book series «Quaderni di Dodis», whilst also keeping you up to date with the DDS’s news and activities. It is the first iPhone app in Switzerland to have been produced by a research project in contemporary history. What’s more, you can download it for free. The DDS hope you’ll enjoy it!

e-Dossier: Stalin's death – The View of the Swiss diplomats

Am 5. März 1953 verstarb der Sowjet-Diktator Josip Stalin

«A couple of stout Soviets carried our very heavy, and for that matter very beautiful crown. The words “Swiss Federal Council”, written in golden letters, adorned it’s red and white ribbon. I walked behind them with my wife and party», as the Swiss emissary Camille Gorgé's states in his report to Bern, from 10 March 1953 (dodis.ch/9028, original in French).

1. October 2012

Launch of volume 2 of the Quaderni di Dodis

Federal Councilor Max Petitpierre and the Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, July 1951

On October 1st, 2012 the launch of the latest volume of the Quaderni di Dodis, the academic journal of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland, will take place at the Federal Archives in Bern. The Historian Bernd Haunfelder publishes in volume 2 of the Quaderni di Dodis the political correspondence of the Swiss embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany during the Adenauer era.

10. August 2012

Swiss Foreign Policy, 1967–1969: New Volume Out Now!

Umschlagbild von Band 24 der DDS

For the most part, Felix Schnyder was happy with his work in Washington. «In an otherwise excellent relationship between Switzerland and the U.S., the only problem to cause unfriendly and critical remarks is the business of Swiss banks under the banner of our bank secrecy», the Swiss ambassador reported to Berne in December 1967.

Bank Secrecy as a Political Issue


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