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DDS 1990

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Volume 1990
Senior researcher: Sacha Zala

LII and 336 pages, 16x24cm

Berne 2021

Softcover, CHF 12.–
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Academic Researchers
Thomas Bürgisser, Annina Clavadetscher, Sabine Dändliker, Lena Heizmann, Jonas Hirschi, Mattia Mahon, Dominik Matter, Maurizio Rossi, Yves Steiner

In 1990, Switzerland's international relations were marked by the upheavals in Central and Eastern Europe and the disappearance of East-West antagonism on the continent. The main topics of the 62 published documents are the negotiations on the European Economic Area, the Gulf crisis, the GATT Uruguay Round, membership of the Bretton Woods institutions and relations with international organisations, development cooperation and relations with Latin America, Africa and Asia, not to mention reflections on the changing self-image of Switzerland.

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