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DDS, vol. 26 (1.1.1973–31.12.1975)

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Volume 26 (1.1.1973
Senior researcher: Sacha Zala 
bound, with dust cover, 16x24cm
2018. LXXVI and 582 pages
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Academic researchers

Marc Perrenoud, Ursina Bentele, Pierre Brodard, Thomas Bürgisser, Vincent Juillerat, Dominik Matter, Maurizio Rossi, Franziska Ruchti, Christiane Sibille, Yves Steiner

Volume 26 (1973–1975) documents the increasing significance of multilateral solutions in Swiss foreign relations: the repercussions of the oil shock intensified the need for regulations especially regarding monetary and energy matters and resulted in Switzerland loosening the interpretation of its neutrality. In January 1973, the fixed exchange rate for the Swiss Franc was abandoned. Moreover, the policies of asylum and towards foreigners were tested. Regarding Europe, Switzerland was greatly challenged by the enlargement of the EC and ratified in 1974 the European Convention on Human Rights. Finally, the signing of the Helsinki Final Act on 1 August 1975 marked a milestone for the Swiss foreign policy.

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