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DDS, vol. 22 (1.7.1961–31.12.1963)

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Volume 22 (1.7.1961–31.12.1963)

Senior researcher: Antoine Fleury
Joint senior researcher: Mauro Cerutti
bound, with dust cover, 16x24cm
2009. 464 pages
CHF 78.–

Academic researchers
Daniel Béguin, Damien Carron, Dario Gerardi, Olivier Longchamp, Claudia Mäder, Kathrin Marthaler, Marc Perrenoud, Maurizio Rossi

The documents contained in volume 22 (1961-1963) cover seven main topics: European integration and Switzerland's attempts to be associated to it; economic and technical cooperation with developing countries; economic and financial relations including taxations and bank secrecy; economic policy and the status of foreign workers which needed redefining; security issues in a context defined by the strained relations between Moscow and Washington and the Cuban Crisis; good offices following the resolving of the French-Algerian conflict and humanitarian aid; cooperation with international organisations such as the UN and the OECD.

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ISBN 978-3-0340-0966-9