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DDS, vol. 21 (1.3.1958–30.6.1961)

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Vol. 21 (1.3.1958–30.6.1961)

Senior researcher: Antoine Fleury
Joint senior researcher: Mauro Cerutti
bound, with dust cover, 16x24cm
2007. CVIII and 423 Seiten
CHF 60.–

Academic researchers
Klaus Ammann, Damien Carron, Dario Gerardi, Kathrin Marthaler, Marc Perrenoud

Volume 21 (1958-1961) presents documents focusing on Swiss policy with regards to the crises between Great Powers about Berlin and Cuba, as well as documents relating to the decolonisation of the African continent. The Algerian War and the Congo Crisis especially required Switzerland's good offices and humanitarian aid. The creation of the European Economic Community and the founding of the EFTA and OECD were major events. In the context of the Cold War, national security constituted a challenge; Switzerland mostly concentrated on the atomic weapons project and the acquisition of Mirage combat aircrafts.

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ISBN 978-3-0340-0837-2