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DDS, vol. 20 (1.4.1955–28.2.1958)

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Vol. 20 (1.4.1955–28.2.1958)

Senior researcher: Antoine Fleury
Joint senior researcher: Mauro Cerutti
bound, with dust cover, 16x24cm
2004. CIV and 423 Seiten
CHF 60.–

Academic researchers
Klaus Ammann, Damien Carron, Dario Gerardi, Kathrin Marthaler, Marc Perrenoud, Sacha Zala

Volume 20 of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (1.4.1955–28.2.1958) contains documents on the varied relations Switzerland has with partners on all continents. It illustrates opinions of the Federal Council and its stance on the Suez and Hungary crises as well as on decolonization in North Africa and documents the measures implemented in favour of Swiss nationals living abroad. Relations with the United Nations, the Geneva Summit of 1955 and the Conference on Atomic Energy are also addresssed.

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ISBN 3-0340-0692-6