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DDS, Bd. 17 (1.6.1947–30.6.1949)

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland
Volume 17 (1.6.1947-30.6.1949)

Senior researcher: Antoine Fleury
Joint senior researcher: Mauro Cerutti
bound, with dust cover, 16x24cm
1999. LXXXVI and 579 pages
CHF 60.–

Academic researchers
Michele Coduri, Eric Flury-Dasen, Sébastien Guex, Thomas Gürber, Roland Maurhofer, Marc Perrenoud, Therese Steffen Gerber, Luc van Dongen

Volume 17 of Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland covers the period from June 1947 to June 1949, which is marked by rivalry between the democratic countries and communist states and the partition of Europe. Swiss diplomacy participates both in European reconstruction and international conferences. It endeavours to maintain its relations with Europe’s communist states and solve the problems resulting from nationalization. The most serious challenge facing Switzerland during these initial stages of the Cold War is how to continue with its policy of neutrality.

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ISBN 3-905312-84-0