Swiss-Diplo – A Global History of Swiss Diplomacy

The research centre Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS), an enterprise of the SAHS and centre of excellence for the history of Swiss foreign relations, is increasingly drawing interest from third parties. The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is funding a research project undertaken by the University of Basel's Institute for European Global Studies, where Prof Dr Madeleine Herren is leading a team of three scholars researching Swiss diplomacy in a global perspective, 1848 to 1975.

16. November 2015

«SOS Biafra» – New volume in the series «Quaderni di Dodis»

The newly published fifth volume of the series «Quaderni di Dodis» centres on Switzerland's foreign relations in the context of the Nigerian civil war, 1967–1970. «SOS Biafra» was the International Committee of the Red Cross's appeal to the public, in May 1968, to support the relief mission in the secessionist area, which was completely isolated.

30. October 2015

Dodis-App 2.0 – Now available for iOS and Android

Dodis-App 2.0 – Jetzt für iOS und Android

Browse the Database with iOS and Android wherever and whenever you like: The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland’s app allows you to access the database wherever and whenever you like. Available in four languages, the Dodis app enables a direct access both to the database and to the e-book series «Quaderni di Dodis», whilst also keeping you up to date with the DDS’s news and activities.


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