e-Dossier: Celebrating 40 Years of the Helsinki Final Act of the CSCE

Pierre Graber, President of the Swiss Confederation, signs the CSCE final act in Helsinki on August 1st. Source: Ringier Image Archive, Aarau.

«The Conference on Security and Co-Operation in Europe does not end with the ceremonial signing of the final act in Helsinki on August 1st of this year. In fact in many ways it is just beginning» stated a circular of the FDFA in October 1975. Nevertheless, it marks a milestone of European history, reached exactly 40 years ago. For Switzerland, it designated a decisive step in the opening of its foreign policy.

30. July 2015

Übergabe des Nachlasses von Generalkonsul Arnold Dumelin (1844–1905)

Die Diplomatischen Dokumente der Schweiz, das Schweizerische Bundesarchiv, das Europainstitut der Universität Basel und die Universität Zürich laden ein zur feierlichen Übergabe des Nachlasses des schweizerischen Generalkonsuls in Yokohama (Japan), Arnold Dumelin (1844–1905), an das Schweizerische Bundesarchiv und zur Aufschaltung einer Auswahl an Dokumenten des Nachlasses auf der Datenbank Dodis.

e-Dossier: Swiss Representation of US-Interests in Cuba

A «Special Relationship»: Cubas Prime Minister Fidel Castro talking to Swiss ambassador Emil Stadelhofer (right) in 1964. Source: dodis.ch/40943

«If neutral Switzerland did not exist, we had to invent it», an influential advisor of US President John F. Kennedy said in March 1962 to the Swiss ambassador in Washington, August R. Lindt. This «complete satisfaction» was also due to the Swiss representation of US interests in Cuba, which will probably be discontinued in 2015 due to the renewal of diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington.

e-Dossier: Geneva Summit of 1955

No less than the leaders of the Great Powers gathered in Geneva. On July 18 1955, 60 years ago, the summit of the «big four» began: US-President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Soviet Minister President Nikolai A. Bulganin as well as Antony Eden and Edgar Faure, the British and French Prime Ministers, convened in the international city.


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