Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS)

The DDS are a research project aiming to edit key documents on Swiss foreign relations.

The work of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland is both academic and practical in nature. The editors provide researchers and practitioners with official sources in printed and digitized form which are necessary to reconstruct and gain an understanding of the history of Swiss foreign policy.

The relevant documents are selected and edited by a research group whose members are historians from Swiss universities. It is also responsible for the annotation of the documents.


Edition and database

The first series of volumes (vols. 1-15) of the printed edition covering the period 1848-1945 has already been published in its entirety. The second series (vols 16-31) will be completed in 2020 thanks to a quick publication schedule.

The Online Database Dodis - in addition to the printed edition -  allows for free access to a large number of digitized documents. Moreover, it contains a vast amount of information on people (Swiss and foreign) and organisations that were active in the field of foreign policy and makes one documentation and several thematic dossiers available for consultation.


Competence centre for the history of foreign policy

The research group has developed into a competence centre for the history of Swiss foreign policy. Its researchers publish articles on selected issues, organise colloquia and speak at conferences.

Presentation of DDS

With regard to the the Acces to Archive Regords the same regulations apply to the research group of the DDS as to all researchers.