International Conference on Global Diplomacy

The conference «Global Diplomacy – A Post-Institutional Approach» focused on new and interdisciplinary perspectives of diplomatic research. It has brought together historians as well as researchers from the social sciences and related disciplines with an interest in the history of diplomacy, transnational law, and global governance. A main objective of the conference was to challenge the former Eurocentric diplomatic history in favor of a global history of diplomacy that takes into account border-crossing entanglements and transnational networks.

The conference consisted of four panels, two roundtable discussions and a digital humanities session with the presentation of the database «Swiss-Diplo» (see conference program). The participants of the event were affiliated with leading universities around the globe, e.g. Waseda University Tokyo, Columbia University, University of Oxford and the ANU Canberra. Furthermore, experts of Switzerland’s major research institutions were present at the conference.

The conference was organized in the course of the research project «A Global History of Swiss Diplomacy», a cooperation between the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel and the research center Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (Dodis). The conference was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft (FAG) Basel. It took place on August 30–31, 2018, at the Institute for European Global Studies in Basel.

@Europainstitut and @Dodis have been live-tweeting from the conference under the hashtag #globaldiplomacy.

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