Thomas Bürgisser und Sacha Zala (Hg.). «Die Revolte der Jungen:» Die Berichterstattung der Schweizer Diplomatie über die globale Protestbewegung um 1968. (Review Alexander Vazansky)

Dienstag, 5. November 2019
Humanities and Social Science Online (H-Net)

The global dimensions of student protests in 1968 have long fascinated observers However, early histories of 1968 tended to focus on specific protests in their national context while possibly acknowledging the degree to which students in one country were inspired by events elsewhere. The primary-source edition “Die Revolte der Jungen:” Die Berichterstattung der schweizer Diplomatie über die globale Protestbewegung is a noteworthy attempt in capturing that global dimension of 1968.

Alexander Vazansky