11. February 2013 – International Conference and Website

Switzerland will host the 2013 International Conference of Editors of Diplomatic Documents, which will take place in Geneva from 1st to 4th October 2013. The network was founded 25 years ago and every two years since then has organised an international meeting. These conferences have previously taken place in locations such as London, Washington, Canberra and Jerusalem.

The 2013 edition will be organised by the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland in collaboration with the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), with the support of both the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA) and the State Secretariat for Education, Research, Education and Innovation (SBFI). The main focus of this conference will be on editing documents, electronic datebases, and sharing information online, such as the history of international organisations.

On the occasion of this conference, the research group of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland has launched a new website (www.diplomatic-documents.org), aiming to give members of the international network of Editors of Diplomatic Documents as well as other interested peers an overview of existing editing projects and new developments in this field. The webpage provides information about the network's history and activities, whilst also allowing its members to advertise new publications. What is more, the page offers a wide selection of scientifically edited diplomatic documents, along with useful background information, links and contacts.

The aim is to have a continually growing and up to date website, that would be a long-lasting tool for scientific work with diplomatic documents.