11. March 2015 – Happy Birthday: Dodis turns 20!

So sah Dodis aus, als die Datenbank 1997 online ging.

Today, everyday life without the Internet is hardly conceivable. In 1995, however, not even half a percent of the world’s population was using the World Wide Web. Twenty years ago, on March 11, 1995, when the world was constituted in such a manner, the first document was integrated in the Dodis database. Thus, Dodis celebrates its 20th birthday today.

Online since 1997

Although young in years, the database has since developed rapidly. Initially planned to serve the DDS research group as a tool for internal use, Dodis went online in 1997 and thus helped writing a part of the pioneering history of the Internet. Among the first Dodis documents are dodis.ch/3 and dodis.ch/4 as well as dodis.ch/20 and dodis.ch/21, regarding the history of Switzerland's international relations in the immediate postwar period.