29. November 2011 – Dodis provides «quick responses»

The QR-Code («Quick Response») is globally on the rise. In Switzerland, the square, two-dimensional matrix consisting of black and white dots has become an increasingly frequent sight in logistics, the media and advertisments. Joining this trend, the Dodis-documents are now tagged with QR-Codes.

The cameras of mobile phones or computers can read and identify these codes on the documents and thereby provide direct acces to the corresponding online record on Dodis. The record holds all relevant information on the respective document: Source and analysis are thus directly linked!

At present only the most recent documents, which have been added to the database for the release of volume 23 (1964-1966) have been tagged with a QR-Code. In the following weeks these innovation will be applied to all older documents, as well.

On time for the publication of the most recent volume of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland we have the pleasure to invite you to explore all the big and small questions of Swiss international relations on Dodis while using the QR-Code.

To obtain optimal printer quality choose the option «Print Entire Document». Please follow the following instructions for the respective operating system.