17. February 2016 – A Guide to the «Years of Terror»

Krisensitzung des Bundesrats am Morgen des 7. September 1970, dodis.ch/35415.

For some weeks now, there have been speculations in the media regarding Palestinian terror in Switzerland in 1970. The diplomatic documents on Dodis can contribute to rendering this debate more objective. In order to facilitate access to their resources for a broader audience, the DDS have adjusted their research tools specifically with regard to this issue.

New keywords facilitate orientation

Users can now directly search the database for the keywords «Kloten attack 1969» (dodis.ch/T1390), «Würenlingen attack 1970» (dodis.ch/T1389), «Zerqa hijackings 1970» (dodis.ch/T1391) and also re-trace the process of the creation of a «PLO Bureau in Geneva» (dodis.ch/C1393). Using these tags, you can access all correspondences, notes, minutes, telegrams and Federal Council decisions on the respective issues, originating from the years 1969 to 1975, that were put online by the DDS research group between 2012 and 2015. Based on these digitalised archive documents, the events can be placed in their historical context and rendered more transparent for the public.

List of keywords

The DDS respectfully request all media representatives to cite the resources with their permalinks in the correct format (e.g. dodis.ch/35415), so as to allow readers to directly access the document themselves.