28. February 2015 – Dodis@Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2015

On February 27 and 28, the first Cultural Hackathon of Switzerland was held at the Swiss National Library. The Hackathon was jointly organized by Wikimedia Switzerland, the Swiss National Library, Opendata.ch, the Open Government Data Project, infoclio.ch, the library of the ETH Zurich and Dock18.

During the two days, one hundred participants worked in numerous projects on data provided by different Swiss GLAM-institutions. The project «Diplomatic Documents and Swiss Newspapers in 1914» (Francesco Beretta, Giovanni Colavizza, Anouk Dunant Gonzenbach, Thomas Preusse, Ale Rimoldi, Yannick Rochat) aims at combining documents from Dodis with digitized issues of the Journal de Genève and visualizing the results on a map. Additionally, Thomas Preusse has created an interactive online map, allowing locating Dodis documents geographically and temporally (Demo / GitHub).

The DDS are pleased with the interest in their data and would like to thank all who have participated in this project.

Other reports:
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