Research Group

Centre of competence for the history of Swiss foreign policy

Thanks to its many years of experience in publishing printed and digital documents, the research group has developed into a competence centre for the history of Swiss foreign policy.

The academic researchers are specialists in relations between Switzerland and specific countries, international organizations or individual policy areas. They demonstrate the knowledge they have gained by writing articles for publications, specialist journals and daily newspapers and are consulted as experts on specific historical issues.

Scientific commitment

They organize academic colloquia and conferences on aspects of Switzerland’s international relations and speak at national and international conferences on contemporary history.

Finally, the research group is a regular participant at international conferences for editors of diplomatic documents.

Director Dr. Sacha Zala
Personal assistant to the director Valérie Loretan
Researchers Pierre Brodard, M.A.
  Dr. des. Thomas Bürgisser
  Sabine Dändliker, lic.phil.
  Dominik Matter, M.A.
  Maurizio Rossi, lic. phil.
  Franziska Ruchti, lic. phil.
  Dr. Christiane Sibille
  Yves Steiner, M.A.
Student assistants
Silvan Brügger
  Lena Heizmann, M.A.
  Killian L'Eplattenier
  Patrick Maître
  Daniel Stalder, M.A.
  Rahel Stauffiger, B.A.
  Michael Bellwald, B.A.
Civilian service Silvan Buchecker
  Pascal Büttiker
 Interns Matthias Schafer