Press review

1. January 2019
Press Review

Stories of Swiss Diplomacy

«Stories of Swiss Diplomacy» is the name of a series of articles published on with the collaboration of the Dodis research center. During the year 2019, Andrea Tognina writes each month an article based on documents from the Dodis online-database to historical topic of Swiss foreign politics.

12. February 2016
Press Review

Bundesrat Grabers Agenda auf Dodis

Agenda Pierre Graber, September 1970,

Die Debatte um das angebliche «Stillhalteabkommen», das Bundesrat Pierre Graber im September 1970 mit dem Aussenbeauftragten der PLO in Genf abgeschlossen haben soll, hält an. Die Forschungsgruppe der DDS bemüht sich um eine Einordnung der Spekulationen in den historischen Kontext. So wurde kürzlich ein Auszug aus der Agenda Grabers auf Dodis online geschaltet.

19. June 2013
Press Review

Dodis in the FAZ

The renowned Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, also known as the FAZ, has published a review of volume 24 of the DDS, which covers the years 1967-1969. Its author, Horst Möller, was the Director of the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin up to 2011, and Professor for Modern and Contemporary History at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich.

25. July 2012
Press Review

When the Universal Postal Union was still in Swiss hands

Ausschnitt aus dem Logo des Weltpostverbands der UNO

From the founding year of 1874 up until the year 1966, the Berne-based Universal Postal Union (UPU) was presided by a Swiss. The election of the Egyptian Rahi broke with this tradition and caused turmoil in the political circles of the Federal Capital. Concerned with these events, an article based on research using the Dodis database was published in the “Berner Zeitung” on July 25 2012.

12. December 2011
Press Review

Dodis in 100 seconds

The programme «100 Sekunden Wissen» on DRS2 really deserves its name: it is a small, highly condensed ration of knowledge for the day. Recently, the research project Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland and the database Dodis had the honour to be presented in this popular radio programme in a witty way: Dodis aptly summed up.

8. December 2011
Press Review

Stalins Tochter in der Schweiz

Der Schweizaufenthalt der am 22. November 2011 verstorbenen Tochter Stalins im Jahr 1967 war für Bern ein aussenpolitischer Hochseilakt. DDS-Mitarbeiter Thomas Bürgisser hat für die Wochenzeitung WOZ einen Artikel verfasst, in dem er anhand von Dodis-Dokumenten die Geschichte Swetlana Allilujewas ( aus Sicht der schweizerischen Diplomatie nachzeichnet. 

1. September 2011
Press Review

600 running meters of files

...researchers at the DDS view in a year. To select a few documents that will be published in the Dodis database from these hunderds of thousands of documents is "not a treasure hunt", says Sacha Zala. In an interview with the Swiss journal Wochenzeitung/WOZ, the Director of the DDS describes the work of the research group as an effort to create a solid basis of sources that allow for different research questions on various aspects of the Swiss foreign policy.